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Welcome to the latest redesign of my Cowrie Bay website, it now features my visual artwork only. The site is very simple, just lots of images.

I have not categorised the images in any way, so each portfolio is a random collection of paintings, drawings, photographs, bass reliefs, montages, digital work etc, or in many cases combinations of the above. I have never minded how any image is made, just if I like looking at it.

Most of the images are abstracts or nudes. I can't give you any more clues that that, other than they all make some kind of sense to me and hopefully to to the viewer.

My main intention for all my visual art is always to make viewing a pleasurable experience, after that I have all manner of thoughts about and hopes for them.

I should explain about the "titles" for these pieces, many years ago inspired by Frank Zappa I started to list or document all my creative output, I know it's not very romantic, but it meant I didn't have to think of titles, I could find work easily and know where and when it happened. As time went by this logical system broke down into the total chaos I have now. However I still use letters and numbers but they very rarely mean much any more!

By the way several images came from projects which can be found on the archive page.

I do hope you enjoy my work and if you would like to talk, please get in touch.

My music is now exclusively on my other website