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2010 in Music and Art has been gathering dust here since it was completed at the end of 2010. It was a huge project for me and is archived here as it was when completed. Computers have moved on a lot since then, so I am sure that the code I used to get music to play when viewing images will not work on a lot of (most of ) today’s systems. There was and hopefully still is, a working link to play the music without the image. It could be a bit of an archaeological dig after all this time.

Citizens of Neutral-Moresnet was a project which was a reaction to the above. 2010 in Music and Art was very high pressure and driven by weekly deadlines, Citizens of Neutral-Moresnet however,  I let take its own time and it meandered gently for 4 years. It is shown here in its final form without showing any of the development. It was strange because the work developed in one way and then just as it seemed almost finished, shot off in a different direction, changed entirely and became what you see here.

Warhol inspired panels. These are pretty self explanatory. I saw quite a few of the iconic originals in Edinburgh some years ago. For me, the repetition somehow makes the image itself more powerful and in some cases quite overwhelming. These panels have to be big, so these small images on your computer screen can only give an impression. I have also broadened the idea out a little to make some “free repetitions”, less symmetrical or regimented.
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